Proofreading services

Proofreading services

I can perform PROOFREADING:

  • of Czech translations from English
  • of original texts in Czech
  • with or without certification clause
  • within 2 days or within 2 hours

I can arrange PROOFREADING:

  • of English translations from Czech
  • of original texts in English
  • by a British or American native speaker
  • with or without certification clause

I SPECIALIZE in the following fields:

  • law (90% of all orders)
  • management and marketing
  • pedagogy and psychology
  • travel industry

My native and favourite language is Czech and my most natural characteristic is thoroughness, so you can be assured that you have found the right person to create a good Czech or English text for you. I have been providing proofreading services for 25 years, as well as translations. Before handing over a translation, I always check it thoroughly for grammatical accuracy and style. The proofreading is included in the price of Czech translations. For translations into English I can arrange – at your request and at a price stated in the price list – proofreading of my translation by a qualified native speaker from Great Britain or the United States (I only cooperate with professional proofreaders with many years of experience).

In addition, I offer proofreading as a separate paid service; I will ensure that you can publish your texts, whether they are in Czech or in English. The investment in professional proofreading will definitely pay off for anybody who needs a successful presentation – even a factory worker (let alone a lawyer or a web designer) sometimes needs to make a good impression, be it on a potential employer, a client or a future partner...

Do you need a translation, interpreting or proofreading?

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