Translation from English into Czech CZK 300 / standard page
Translation from Czech into English CZK 300 / standard page
Certified translation CZK 500 / standard page
Additional copy of a certified translation CZK 30 / standard page

I am not a VAT payer.
A standard page means 1800 characters (i.e. 60 characters per line x 30 lines per page) of the target text including spaces.
The smallest unit charged is one standard page.
Alternatively, uncertified translations may be charged according to the number of words in the source text: CZK 1.20 / word.

Extra charges:
Express translation - extra charge as agreed with the client.
I do not charge any extra for work at night or during weekends or holidays.

High volume (over 25 standard pages): - 5 %.
Regular customers: - 5 %.


Proofreading of a Czech text CZK 50-100 / standard page
Proofreading of a Czech translation of an English text CZK 100-250 / standard page
Proofreading of an English text/translation by a native speaker CZK 120-180 / standard page
Proofreading of a Czech/English translation with certification CZK 150-350 / standard page

For proofreading of a translation, you always need to submit the source text (original).

The price for proofreading depends on the quality of the text/translation. The lowest price is applied for texts with few mistakes; if the text contains so many mistakes that it requires rewriting, the standard price for translation is charged.

The price for proofreading of a translation with certification applies to proofreading and certification of a translation made by another (non-certified) translator.

The prices for proofreading are subject to the same extra charges and discounts as stated in the Translations section above.


Interpreting from and into Czech CZK 400 / 1 hour
Certified interpreting from and into Czech CZK 500 / 1 hour

The price for interpreting is for reference only; the final amount depends on the time required for preparation and the distance from the place of residence (the travel costs and reimbursement of time spent travelling, accommodation expenses, if any... are not included in the total price).

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