About me

Mgr. Petra Marxová

A certified translator and interpreter of English

  • a certified translator and interpreter of English appointed by the Regional Court in Prague, member of the Chamber of Court-Appointed Translators and Interpreters of the Czech Republic
  • qualified – university diploma, professional courses at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, special translator’s state examination (C2), courses and seminars
  • accurate – I enjoy detailed work, I check every term, consult over all unclear expressions with clients and other professionals and personally proofread every finished translation
  • experienced – thirteen years of practice in certified translations, thousands of translated pages, hundreds of satisfied customers
  • responsible – although I have not yet had any complaint regarding the quality of my work, I have professional liability insurance
  • discreet – I guarantee absolute confidentiality over information and documents entrusted to me in connection with my work.
Mgr. Petra Marxová
Mgr. Petra Marxová
  • an amateur – I do not just translate occasionally – translations are my hobby and a full-time job at the same time
  • a magician or a gambler – I do not promise any miracles, but accept only orders which I can manage to a high standard and within the time limit agreed
  • Jack of All Trades – I do not perform all kinds of work, but specialize in certain fields which are close to my heart and which I study continuously
  • a translation agency – I do not engage any subcontractors – I do all translations by myself and personally guarantee their good quality; you do not pay any extra agency or specialization charges
  • an automated machine or translation software – I cannot produce fifty pages in one hour, but I can create texts which make sense within a reasonable time
  • a VAT payer

Certificates awarded

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